Nesting Box

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This is a live view of a nesting box which is located on my balcony. It is equipped with a Pi Noir camera. Because there is not enough light going through the loophole, the box is illuminated with two infrared LED.

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All cleaned up and refurbished. Ready for new season 2018. Live stream is online. Waiting for visitors![2017-06-20]

Today at 10 am all four chicks have left the nesting box. We’ll restart streaming, in case that birds decide to do a second round. Farewell and good luck! See you again next season.


Still waiting for the last egg to hatch.


Number four showed up this morning.


During the day, chick number two and three showed up.


Today at about 17:00 h CEST, the first chick out of five hatched.


After taking a short break, the female laid a new egg and repaired her nest with tons of hair to fill up the old scrape. I guess that she’ll start to breed again on Sun, 21.05.2017.


Giving up. After more than 6  weeks, our female abandoned her nest, leaving 6 eggs behind. Due to the cold weather in April all eggs did not develop. It is already the second year, that her first  attempt failed. We decided to remove the eggs and to leave the nest inside. Last year, she returned on 11th of June for the second round.


The female started to build a nest, collecting lots of hair from neighbors cats and dogs. At the moment, she’s not on the nest during daytime, but you have a good chance to spot her after 19:00 h CEST, while she sleeps in the nesting box.

The box sends a daily tweet, so you can follow me on Twitter @RaspberryBlogDE, if you want to receive some pictures of cute chicks ;-).

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