Yet another RasPi Blog …

I’m a long time Linux enthusiast (since 1996) who has taken a great interest in the Raspberry Pi board and Arduino UNO.

I work as a software-engineer and  web developer, organize and arrange teacher training courses, events and workshops with a focus on physical computing using the Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards in the region round Berlin, Germany.

Furthermore, I develop and build affordable scientific instruments based on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, which can be used at (school)laboratories to teach the basic principles of analytical techniques  in (bio)chemistry and biotechnology.

My mission is to support digital education at schools, to share my knowledge with other Raspberry Pi and Arduino enthusiasts, to teach teachers and educators, in order to bring physical computing and “coding” to the class room.

About my services:logo_large

if you need help or support with one the following projects:

  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino Workshops/ Teacher-Training, School Projects and Events
  • Programming Courses (e.g. Python, Perl, C/C++)
  • (Rapid) Prototyping for Arduino and Raspberry Projects, i.e.
    3D printing and laser cutting
  • IoT and Home Automation
  • Web Design/ Page Design (HTML5, CSS, PHP5, JavaScript)
  • Online Publishing & CMS (WordPress)
  • Professional typesetting (LaTeX)
  • Content/ Copy Editing/ Book Reviews
  • Computer Graphics & Photography
  • Database Setup/ Administration (MySQL)
  • Bioinformatics/ Data Analysis R-base/ SAS
  • System Administration (Linux)

Don’t hesitate and contact me at:

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