How to build an Onion Router (Tor-OnionPi)

The German news magazine SPIEGEL ONLINE has recently published a HowTo for setting up an Onion Router based on a Raspberry Pi. It is a portable version which one can hook up to any WLAN hotspot. It is especially useful if you are on a public WLAN and want to secure your traffic.

The SPONion Pi can be accessed and configured with an admin interface directly in your browser, so there’s no hassle with config files which you have to edit manually. Just to enter the WLAN hotspot to be used, enter the WPA2 key and you’re done.


All you need is a RasPi model B, USB power supply and two WLAN dongles. Complete instructions to build the Tor-SPONion Router can be found on this page. The SPONion-Tor software is available on github.

$ git clone SPONionPi

Make sure to clone the directory SPONionPi into your /home/pi folder, otherwise the installation will fail.