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openSuSE Leap 42.1 first Impressions

A few weeks ago the openSuSE project team released a new version of their Linux distribution, called “Leap 42.1”. It is based on SLE (SuSE Linux Enterprise) and therefore will receive fixes and security updates from SLE. Maintenance and bug fixes will also come from the openSUSE community.


Several desktop applications received upgrades in this release. Leap 42.1 features the new KDE-Plasma 5 Desktop (5.4), Libreoffice 5 and Gnome 3.16. The Linux kernel moved to version 4.1.

Unfortunately, there is no live system DVD available, so there’s no way to test hardware compatibility before you do the upgrade. However, you can still create your own using SuSE Studio, but this is certainly not an option for a quick preview.

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