3-wire LCD adapter with M74HC595 shift register

Therefore, you should consider to use 5.0V and 3.3V DC-DC voltage regulators to power your projects.


They can be easily build on a small piece of stripboard using TO-220 LF33CV or TS7805CZ low drop-out regulators. Both require an input voltage about 2 Volts above the desired output voltage. With 7.0 and 5.3 Volt input voltage they generate only moderate heat, so that you don’t need to mount a large heat sink.

Circuit diagram for a simple 5.0V voltage regulator. Other designs involve reverse voltage protection with diodes for Vin and Vout.
With the shields constructed above I was able to detach the thermometer from the Arduino. The LM35Z temperature sensor and the ATtiny85 were moved onto a small breadboard.