PiNoir Camera in a Nesting Box

[2016-05-16 Update]

Unfortunately, there was a period of very cold weather shortly after all eggs were laid. Although the female was breeding for almost four weeks, no chicks have been hatching. It is sad, but part of nature. I hope that another couple will move in, as soon as  the summer returns …

[2016-04-18 Update]

On 2016-04-14 I spotted the first egg. Meanwhile 4 eggs are present. During daytime, they are perfectly hidden underneath a layer of hair and other nesting material. So far, new eggs were laid each late afternoon. Then, it’s a good chance to see them, because the female leaves the nest for a short while. I guess that breeding is going to start at the end of this week, as soon as 8-10 eggs are present.


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