A simple cabinet for the LiPo Rider Pro

As reported here, I recently purchased a LiPo Rider Pro in order to charge my gadgets while I’m outdoor. I’ve connected a 2000 mAh LiPo battery and a 3W solar panel. Since the LiPo Rider Pro Board was delivered without a housing, I placed the board into a small box for protection during transport. However, the USB ports and the test button were not accessible anymore and the charge/ok status LEDs were not visible.

Therefore, I decided to build a “sandwich” structure around it, just placing two acrylic glass pieces onto top and bottom of the board.


The acrylic glass plates are mounted onto the board using four threaded bars, M3 screw nuts, washers and 6 mm spacers made from aluminium tubing. To hold the battery in place I used a piece of foam rubber.

Threaded bars and spacers can be cut with a Dremel from bulk stock to the desired length. All USB ports and switches are now easily accessible.


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