ATtiny/ATmega programming shield

I recently discovered a nicely made Arduino shield for programming Amtel microcontrollers, which was designed by Jeff Murchison. Jeff is sellling the shields on Tindie. Unfortunately, the shield was out of stock at the time of writing. Thus, I dowloaded his fritzing project files from github and ordered a PCB at It saved me of going through the hassle with German customs as well, since Jeff’s shields are shipping from Canada.

IMG_6841Tiny Loadr programming shield for Arduino UNO. Please note that Jeff’s version has different header.

Parts can be ordered elsewhere, however you must take care that the spacing of the ZIF socket and DIP switch pins is 2.54 mm. Depending on the LEDs you’re chosing, you must select suitable resistors for R1, R3, R4 and R4. In contrast to the female headers with extra long pins (which I couldn’t find), I used male headers for stacking it onto the Arduino.


I’ve got an empty, not assembled PCB to sell at cost (€ 41.77) + (preferably shipping to Germany). Just drop me a line in case you are interested. Additional costs for the parts will be approx. € 5,- depending where you order. And of course, some beginner level soldering skills are required for assembling the board. Build instructions can be found here.


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